MUCC’s mission is to build a flexible, multi-cultural community that serves the refugee and low-income community center and welcomes all. MUCC provides space for community members of all ages to study, learn, teach, solve problems, and celebrate culture and community in a wide variety of ways. We act as a bridge between the refugee community and the community as a whole, and seek to connect people in our city with each other.
Our vision is to support the refugee and low-income population of Midtown Utica by providing educational and cultural programs, solving problems by connecting community members with other agencies and resources, and promoting a safe community environment for people of all ages and cultures. We partner with local nonprofits, organizations, and schools to enhance opportunities for funding, community building, community service, and education. We foster community by hosting holiday meals, neighborhood meetings, job training, and ethnic celebrations to which all are welcome. Our aim is to encourage environmental responsibility. We do not duplicate available resources, but we help people who are having trouble accessing those resources or need additional help.