Cleanliness is next to MUCCliness

One of the many responsibilities in running something like MUCC is to maintain and clean the building. While it may not be the flashiest of activities, it is important to offer a clean place for the community.

Today, Reed and Kath captained a cleaning troupe of MUCCsters who did a variety of cleaning and maintenance activities.


From mopping the hall to vacuuming the carpets, and even a complete overhaul cleaning of the fridge, everyone had a role to play in making sure MUCC was clean for everyone. When one thing was finished, everyone quickly moved on to complete another task. They moved from mopping to cleaning the yoga mats, and from vacuuming to taking out the trash.

With all the great things that MUCC does for the community, it also needs to work on keeping itself running smoothly. So, MUCC needs all the help we can get with not only what we do for the community but also the things that we need to do to stay in business. With our summer youth employees, we now have extra hands to make sure everything is running properly.