MUCC and the Mansions

Today, with the help of The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica, MUCC took a trip to Rutger Park to clean 1 Rutger Park,a historic mansion built in 1854.


It is a beautiful building with amazing architecture as well as interesting features, like a porcelain-lined fireplace upstairs.


Unfortunately, the building has fallen into disrepair. We went there today to clean up the floors. The paint has been falling off of the walls and there was a layer of dust on the floor. Our MUCCsters swept, vaccuumed and mopped the floors of the building.


We even swept the porch while we waited to go inside.


It was an amazing experience to see such a historic building in our own community. We even got a small tour of another old mansion next door.


It was an exciting day full of cleaning, but nothing beats seeing a piece of history in Utica.