MUCC Journeys (Through the Eyes of our Intern, Ryan)


MUCC Journeys (127)

The day started like any other day, with a little bit of chaos. I was supposed to come open MUCC up early, in order to get ready for our MUCC Journeys event, but Chris forgot to give me the keys. So instead of getting ready for the big event, I sat on the porch and talked with Fatuma about her day. Things tend to go that way, when we aren’t doing what we need to, we are always making connections and keeping our community tight-knit.

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Finally, Kath shows up with keys for MUCC and bread for the event. After gathering all the things we needed to bring for the event (and following cryptic instructions left by Chris to find an easel) we caravaned over to Varick Street to finish setting up.


The event began and people began to flow in. There were a multitude of performances by people from the community, including the popular dance group Toxik, basket raffles, food and an international fashion show. There were also surprise challenges for the charity-bib runners (or representatives for them, like me). It was a lot of fun.

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Stations around the venue highlighted the many cultures represented in Utica. The Karen display and Henna tent never seemed to be empty.

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Meanwhile, inside the bar, there was a constant loop of MUCC videos, including the fantastic MUCC Eats video.

Everyone was encouraged to sign the big MUCC board, which had the MUCC logo on it, and many people who showed up had their signature up there.

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In the end, after everything had finished, the chaos was worth it. A satisfying reward for all the hardwork of everyone who volunteered to make this event possible.

Check out photos from the event on our Flickr