MUCC Welcomes Our Summer Youth Employees

The sound of shuffling feet can be heard throughout the halls of MUCC as a group of summer youth employees begin an ice-breaker that plays out like musical chairs. The person left standing says something like “who has been to the zoo?” and everyone who has been to the zoo stands up and runs to a new chair.


Meanwhile, I overhear Reed and his group discussing upcoming movies like Central Intelligence and the new Purge movie.


Just now, I was asked to help hang a Steve Mccurry photograph. Today has been fairly busy trying to get everything set up. But all the work will be worth it with all of the extra hands around MUCC this summer.


Some of these new employees will be researching and giving tours of the local streets in Midtown Utica. Detailing the hidden history of our own community.


While others will be focusing more on serving the local community needs by improving the area’s streetscape. They will be planting flowers, raking, and other simple things that will help enhance the look of the community.


Smiles and laughs all around the grand hall of MUCC, no one could be happier than the members of our community.