Raised Beds Day

Raised-beds day: the day that was supposed to be on Tuesday, was rescheduled to Thursday and happened on Wednesday.


While we never knew when it was supposed to happen, we knew what it was. We had to build raised beds for people in the community. Utica has a high amount of lead in the soil, making the soil and plants growing in the soil dangerous. Raised beds are a simple solution. By putting fresh, clean soil into a bed on top of the grass, the roots don’t reach the contaminated soil.

So, I showed up, not expecting it to be Raised-beds Day, on Wednesday to see a truck filled with dirt parked near MUCC and a pile of wood in the driveway.


I joined in with Chris and Caro shoveling the dirt into kitty-litter buckets to carry the dirt to the raised beds. I’d fill up the bucket with soil and then Caro would run the bucket back to the backyard.


Finally the Hamilton interns showed up and Reed and Rachel took over the shoveling and carrying the dirt.


When all the dirt was out of the truck and into the beds we went on a walk to the Asian market and got some refreshments. But, we also went to some neighbors to assemble some raised beds there, which also led us to agreeing to take apart a small deck in their backyard, which led to some small injuries.


This is an ongoing project of ours and we hope to get raised beds to everyone who needs one. If you are interested in sponsoring a raised bed, get in touch with us. Each bed costs about 50 dollars to sponsor.