Women's English Study Group

Midtown's Women's English Study Group meets at least twice a month (usually more). We are an informal, social, supportive, educational group. We usually have an equal number of volunteers to members who have come to practice reading, speaking and writing English. Our volunteers come from all backgrounds, many are current or retired teachers, some work at local colleges, others are business women. Our friends who come to learn are generally women who have come to the USA as refugees, their English skill levels range from survival/basic to college level. We do not follow a curriculum, it is not a class - we meet with each other one-on-one and start where our friends need/want to start. We may help someone learn the alphabet, to write their address, fill out a job application, study for US Citizenship testing or read a book.  In addition, we spend time learning about all our cultures and there is a lot of laughter and friendship. Every member, no matter who they are or where they are from, LEARNS.

Join our Facebook page (Women's English Study Group) for updates  and our meeting schedule. It is very flexible and can change at any point depending on volunteer availability and whether members can attend.